Octomom: Topless! Stripping! Putting on A LOT of Weight!

Octomom Nadya Suleman spent Valentine’s Day giving South Florida strip club goers a topless show, and showing off her significantly heavier physique.

It was the first three-night engagement at T’s in West Palm Beach, according to Gossip Extra, which obtained a couple of amazing pictures from the affair.

Nadya Suleman Cleavage

House strippers apparently little pink octopuses in the packed club as bouncers stuffed a deluge of tips that rained on stage during Octomom’s show.

“That’s how hard I’m trying to take care of my kids,” she said.

She’s put on a considerable about of weight since the release of the Octomom porn in 2012, but that didn’t seem to be an issue for the crowd at T’s.

There’s still time to head over there today and tomorrow. Check out a pair of (NSFW) Nadya Suleman photos after the jump and see what we mean …

  • Nadya Suleman Topless Photo
  • Nadya Suleman Topless Picture

Octomom: Would you hit it?


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